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Chemical and Biological Treatments

Chemical and Biological Treatment Experts!

Satisfactory disposal of wastewater depends on the treatment prior to its disposal. Adequate treatment is compulsory to prevent the contamination of receiving waters anywhere and keep them safe. Wastewater treatments involve collecting the water in a central location and subjecting it through various treatment methods. There are many treatment processes that can be carried out to treat wastewater:

  • The chemical processes include chlorination, ozonation, neutralisation, coagulation, adsorption, and ion exchange.
  • The biological processes include aerobic and anaerobic methods. The aerobic methods include activated sludge treatment methods, trickling filtration, oxidation ponds, lagoons, and aerobic digestion. Anaerobic treatments include anaerobic digestion, septic tanks, and lagoons.
  •  Not only are these methods used to treat wastewater, they are also used to make the quality of water better, and to purify it further.

Why choose Chemical and Biological Treatments?

  • These treatment methods are fast and cause rapid decomposition of wastewater.
  • They are cost-effective and environment-friendly. The equipment used offers reliable and stabilised operations.
  • Biological and chemical processes help remove nitrogen and phosphorus and such materials. These gases increase the growth of plants thus reducing the volume of oxygen in water bodies hence they are removed.
  • These techniques are extremely practical. They come in handy for a very large water body easily.
  • There is no noise pollution created by these methods. The water comes in pure form and can be used for different activities like washing cars, gardening plants, even drinking if the treatment has been adequate.
  • Resources are conserved by these methods.
  • The biological and chemically treated purified water has no health hazard when treated properly.


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