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Electronic Leak Detection

Electronic Leak Location - Economical and Safe!

The chances of leakage often occur in single layered materials; therefore the damages are identified through non-destructive Electronic Leak Detection method. This innovative technique includes the usage of electricity instead of hundreds of gallons of water which will pinpoint the exact location of the leak. The cracks are properly identified and examined by a membrane; electric current flows through this membrane and accurately finds the hidden damages.

Water penetration through roofs and ceilings is one of the main problems of most of the buildings. People mostly prefer flat roofs as they are supposed to prevent the water penetration. Due to this fact, it increases the life and stability of the building. After Electronic Leakage Detection, relevant maintenance options and proper renovation methods are suggested.

Why choose Electronic Leak Detection?

  • This procedure involves high usage of generators and conductors which decreases the risk of the damaged pipes and identifies the leakage with accuracy.
  • The equipment is suitable for all sorts of climates. Wet or dry conditions will not affect the testing procedure.
  • Leaks and damaged parts can be detected without excavation. There is no need to remove the surface coatings.
  • Electronic Leak Detection is more suitable for flat or low-slope roofs. The total moisture in the roofing system is also detected.
  • Special reports are issued by service providers which include the position of defects and their renovations.
  • Exposed and ballasted systems are equally checked for the presence of moisture. The leaks and defects are treated with the most suitable electronic detectors.


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