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Fire and Sprinkler Services

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A fire sprinkler system involves a water supply system that provides adequate pressure and flow rate to a water distribution piping system to which fire sprinklers are attached. This is a fire protection measure that is now available on every level. Fire and Sprinkler Services have been in use since 1874 in mostly factories. Today, these systems are installed in all new high-rise and underground buildings especially where the ability of firefighters to provide sufficient hose streams in case of fire.

Fire and Sprinkler Services are used to reduce the damage done by the fire - potential property losses or business interruptions. Every closed head sprinkler is held closed by a heat-sensitive bulb. Every sprinkler is independent so only those sprinklers will activate which are the closest to the fire. The types of fire sprinkler systems are wet pipe systems, dry pipe systems, deluge systems, pre-action systems, foam water sprinkler systems, water spray, and mist systems.

Why choose Fire and Sprinkler Services?

  • This service saves lives, property damage, and business losses. It also helps keep the other parts of the buildings unaffected.
  • They help in immediate identification and control of fire. These systems respond at all times.
  • They have design flexibility incorporated as smoke and fire barriers become less restrictive.
  • These services save resources by causing decreased demand on security forces, and minimising intrusion opportunities. Also, they save water as every sprinkler works individually.
  • Fire and Sprinkler Services decrease insurance expenditure as fire is controlled by these systems. This results in lower insurance reimbursements.
  • The bulb applies pressure to a pip cap that prevents water from flowing unless the designed activation temperature is reached.


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