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Irrigation is a way of supplying soil or land with water artificially through man-made canals. This system is used in the growing of agricultural crops, maintenance of landscapes and re-vegetation of disturbed soils. In irrigation systems, a network of canals on land or underground is constructed from sources of water, e.g. rivers to the areas of dry land or wherever the water is needed. Larger areas take greater time to irrigate so extensive canal system helps in solving that too.

There are many kinds of irrigation methods that can be employed: centre-pivot, drip, flood, furrow, gravity, rotation, sprinkler, sub-irrigation, travelling gun, supplemental, and surface method. One can choose whichever irrigation method based on one's needs, the types of crops grown, and the area where irrigation system is being installed.

Why choose Irrigation?

  • Irrigation is used for preventing soil consolidation, suppressing weed growth in agricultural lands, and protecting plants against frost.
  • Irrigation makes water available to crops, and farmers do not have to wait for the rainy season to grow crops.
  • It also meets crop water demand irrespective of the amount of rainfall occurring per season.
  • Irrigation has also made indoor agriculture easy e.g. in greenhouses or glasshouses. It lets farmers supply water and nutrients together to the crop to make it grow.
  • Irrigation helps preserve the soil texture in any area where excessive crop growth occurs. It keeps the soil irrigated.
  • With increased water supply, there is an abundance in food production which boosts income and national cash flow for the farmers.
  • Irrigation also improves ground water storage and allows hydro-electric power production.


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