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Sub Soil Drainage

Sub Soil Drainage systems are employed in architectural, sewage, and agricultural/irrigation applications to remove excessive water from the soil. The layout of Sub Soil Drainage is related to the topography, locations of buildings and access points, geology, and the area of the property. Main sub soil drains follow natural depressions in the land, and they should be connected to the storm water pit.

There are many design concepts in Sub Soil Drainage systems. Designing is an uncertain process and cannot be done without a thorough inspection of the area, where the drainage is supposed to be installed. There are many types of Sub Soil Drainage systems: basic, geotextile filter, pipe drain, pipe drain with capping to exclude surface water, geotextile around pipe, geocomposite drain in a narrow trench, geocomposite drain in a shallow trench, and soil filter layer to avoid clogging of geotextile.

Why choose Subsoil Drainage?

  • It increases the stability of the footings of the building. It reduces the foundation movements that may occur due to variations in the soil moisture content.
  • Sub Soil Drainage mitigates surface water and soil water logging by lowering the water-tables.
  • The soil strength is increased, while moisture content is decreased.
  • It is used for alleviating ground water pressures likely to cause dampness which may cause damage to the foundations of the buildings and pavements.
  • Sub Soil Drainage systems can be used in gardens so that the water doesn't pool in the gardens causing damage to the plants.
  • To avoid water seepage through the floors, Sub Soil Drainage is used.


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